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To view a list of TLC locations and Hours of operation, please click here.
For a list of all TLC driver license requirements, fees and information on how you can apply and where you can apply, please click on New Driver Application and New Driver Checklist.

NOTE: If you are applying for a Medallion Taxicab (Yellow & Green Taxicab) license you are required to complete a Medical Form in addition to all other requirements listed on the New Driver Checklist. To download the form, please click on Medallion Driver Medical Form.

Yes. All Medallion Taxicab driver applicants MUST attend either an 80 hour course or a 24 hour course after filing your application with the TLC. After completing the taxi school course you must then pass the English proficiency test and the written test with a score of 70 or above.

NOTE: You must take the required taxi school course before you can take the test and that you must take the test at the same school where the course was completed.

For additional information and a list of the TLC approved schools, please click on Medallion (Yellow & Green Taxicab) Taxi School Post- Filing Requirements.

Before submitting your application with the TLC you must have completed the following requirements:

  • Six (6) hour Defensive Driving Course- You must bring an original certificate of completion or a temporary completion receipt of a NYS DMV certified defensive driving class completed no older than six (6) months on the date of filing your application. Completion Certificates must indicate type of course, date course was taken, hours of instruction, name (license #) of instructor, and must include an official ink stamp or seal from instruction site. You may find all NYS DMV certified DDC classes on the DMV website.

Please note: Online courses are accepted with original certificate of completion only. Email receipts will NOT be accepted.

  • Doctor’s Exam- You must provide a TLC Medical Form that has been completed and stamped by a doctor. The medical form can not be older than six (6) months from the date you submit your application.
  • Chauffeur’s License– You must bring a valid and original New York State (NYS) DMV Chauffeur’s License or its Equivalent (Class A, B, C or E is ACCEPTED).

NOTE 1: The picture on your DMV license should resemble your current appearance. If it does not, you will be required to get a new DMV license with a current photograph.

NOTE 2: copies of your DMV license and a temporary license (interim) will not be accepted. Please see name requirement on social security card and your DMV driver’s license above.

NOTE 3: If you have a DMV license from a different state, you MUST submit a Certified Abstract (State Driver Record) stamped or sealed and cannot be older than thirty (30) days from the date you submit your application to the TLC.

You must have no outstanding judgments (unpaid tickets) before and after the application process.

NOTE 4: Before and during the application process you must have no suspensions on your Department of Motor Vehicle license or owe money to Parking Violations Bureau. Please click on New Driver Checklist for more detailed Instructions.

After completing the application process you have ninety (90) calendar days to complete the following:

  • Register and attend the Taxi School of your choice and successfully pass the English proficiency and written with a score of 70 or above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Medallion Taxicab driver applicants must complete the taxi school course before taking the exam. You must take the exam at the same taxi school where you completed the course. Please click on Medallion (Yellow & Green Taxicab) Taxi School Post- Filing Requirements for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: NEW APPLICANTS ONLY can go on a walk in basis to these locations. All other Licensees MUST Schedule an appointment to be tested.

Once an applicant has submitted/completed all TLC requirements, the application will be thoroughly reviewed. The applicant will either receive his/her license in the mail OR a letter requesting additional information (which is necessary to continue the application process).

Applicants are encouraged to take their drug test, register and take the taxi school as soon as the application has been submitted to the TLC for faster processing if he/she is applying for a “yellow” taxicab license.

Each application and its processing time will depend on the individual’s fingerprint response report, any prior TLC license revocations (which may require a TLC fitness hearing), and/or outstanding requirements or clearances from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Parking Violations Bureau, and TLC.

Applications are valid for ninety (90) calendar days from the date it is submitted to TLC. If an applicant does not complete all the licensing requirements within the ninety (90) calendar days period, the application will be denied. All application fees are non-refundable.

If you have not received your TLC license in the mail, you must obtain a replacement.

You will need to wait 10 days from the date your license was mailed out.
After 10 days, you will need to visit our LIC facility to submit a completed and signed Affirmation Form and all required documents listed on the Instruction sheet.

A TLC License is a license issued by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). A TLC License is required to drive commercially in New York City.
Your application will be denied if you have more than 6 points in the last 15 months. Additionally, the TLC has introduced new rules regarding driving violations. Click here for the new rules.
The TLC Application has two parts: Part A and Part B. You can submit Part A online, which we recommend. Part B you will need to print and bring with you to the TLC when you submit your application. Click here to submit Part A online. Click here for Part B, which you will need to print and bring with you to the TLC.
A: If you have a New York license, you need a valid and original Chauffeur’s License (Class E) or a Commercial Driver’s License – a “CDL”(Class A, B, or C).

If you hold a NJ, PA or CT license, you do not need to upgrade it, but you do need to get a signed, sealed and certified driver’s abstract from your state’s DMV. The Abstract is the history of your driving record, with any violations and accidents.

Fill out the Class E form found at the DMV website, and then go to any New York DMV to submit the form. It should only take about 30 minutes at the DMV.
The TLC does not accept laminated Social Security Cards. So you should go to a Social Security Office and request that a new card be mailed to you. Here is a list of Social Security Offices around New York City.
If the names do not match, you should go to the DMV and get your driver’s licensed change to reflect the name on your Social Security Card Here’s a list of the DMVs around New York City. TLC’s rules regarding the names on your Social Security Card and your driver’s license can be found here.
Here is a list of Social Security Offices around New York City.
The Defensive Driving class is valid for 6 months.
The Medical Exam is valid for 30 days. You can do the Medical Exam with any licensed physician.
The TLC requires all new licensees to watch a video on the Sex Trafficking industry. Most Defensive Driving classes include this in their instruction, but you can also find the video here.

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