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Experienced For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) drivers who have held a license since March 1, 2014 or longer are now eligible to request a Med/FHV license through a testing procedure that will be available in early 2016.
How Drivers Can Participate BEFORE 2016:

The TLC will temporarily allow Agents and Medallion Owners interested in working with experienced FHV drivers who want to drive a yellow taxi until the test is available in early 2016.

Agents or Medallion Owners interested in working with experienced FHV drivers are invited to participate in the following pre-test process:

Step 1: Identify the drivers who are interested in a Med/FHV license by sending the TLC a list with the following information for each driver:

  1. Driver’s Name;
  2. FHV license number;
  3. Agent/Owner Certification, in accordance with TLC rules prohibiting the filing of false information, to the TLC that the drivers are:
    1. Trained on how to operate the T/LPEP meter and that the meter must be engaged for ALL trips in any medallion and Street Hail Livery vehicle regardless of how the trip was arranged; and be trained in the use of accessible vehicle equipment;
    2. Proficient in English;
    3. Fully understand the fare and refusal rules.
Step 2: The TLC will review the certification and the FHV driver’s TLC history.

Step 3: If the FHV driver passes the TLC check, the driver will be given a conditional Med/FHV license until the Med/FHV license test is made available in early 2016.

NOTE: Drivers in this category will have 60 days from the introduction of the test to successfully pass it and thereby receive a permanent Med/FHV license.

Once the Med/FHV Test is made available:

FHV drivers who qualify will be required to complete the test in order to receive a permanent Med/FHV license to drive a yellow taxi and will not require certification by an Agent or Medallion Owner.

An Industry Notice will be published with the test is made available in 2016.

Existing Medallion Drivers
  • Upon your renewal you will automatically receive a Med/FHV license that will serve as the appropriate credentials whether you are driving a medallion or an FHV.
New Medallion Drivers
  • Your new license will be a Med/FHV license.

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